My name is Steven and I'm a Software Engineer. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BS in Computer Science. I currently work for Vercel developing the perfect deployment experience. On the interwebz, I go by styfle.
This website is merely a testing ground for my programs, web apps, etc. Feel free to use them but I am not responsible for anything you do with them. Most of the things on this site are out of date and written when I was still a student. But we're always learning, aren't we? Please read the disclaimer before downloading anything.
The name "ceriously" (and the logo) came from H*R, an awesome internet cartoon that was popular in the early 2000s. I highly recommend Strong Bad emails if you have never seen any before.
Right Now! I have provided the current date for you time travelers that are lost:
For fun. I enjoy programming and I think there might be someone in the world that could benefit from the stuff I make. Consider sending me a message if you enjoyed your stay on my website.
I have a lot of experience (read "I messed up a lot") with JavaScript / TypeScript / C# / HTML / CSS / PHP / Java / C++ / etc.
Where To Find? You can download my projects on the Projects Page or view the source code on GitHub.