ES6 Proxy and Localization

Published 2018-01-01

Maybe you've heard of JavaScript Proxy and think, "Hey that's cool and such, but what should I use it for?" Don't worry, I thought this too until recently when I needed a catch-all solution. And BEHOLD, the indirect intermediary known only as "Proxy" arose from the ashes and set ablaze all Text Editors throughout the known universe.

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ES6 Modules Today With TypeScript

Published 2017-10-16

Today, in 2017, many evergreen browsers support ES6 Modules out of the box. Some browsers have it hidden behind a flag, including Node.js. But is it possible to support old and new environments with the same npm package? Yes!

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Promises in Node.js 8.x Core

Published 2017-05-09

Promises are well-known in the JavaScript community since they landed in Chrome 32 (Jan 2014) and in Node.js 0.12 (Feb 2015). They were formally introduced as part of the ES6 (ES2015) spec and are even more important in 2017 due to the async/await primitives that landed in Chrome 55 (Dec 2016) and Node.js 7 (Feb 2017).

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Published 2016-04-05

At the end of 2015, I decided to move from California to Indiana. I will await your gasps and inevitable chuckle or head nod.

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Added Google Analytics

Published 2013-08-12

I recently added Google Analytics to this website because I had no idea what kind of traffic I was getting. The numbers are in and they were not far off from what I was expecting.

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State Of The Web

Published 2013-04-06

I guess I have been busy this last year. It took a year to get some screenshots up but I finally have pages for the few GitHub projects I posted about below.

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The Harvest Club

Published 2012-03-24

Winter is over! This quarter, I have been working on a Contact Management System for a non-profit organization called The Harvest Club.

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Return From Jamaica

Published 2011-08-28

Jamaica was awesome! Thank you family/friends for all your support. We are already planning next year's trip. After a full 10 days I could write a compleete paper about the trip, so instead I'll give you a summary.

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TRON: Legacy Review

Published 2010-12-28

I don't remember the first TRON movie very well because I was really young when I saw it. Maybe this movie would have made more sense so I'll have to watch the first one again. Here are my current thoughts on the movie.

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