Return From Jamaica

Published 2011-08-28

Jamaica was awesome! Thank you family/friends for all your support. We are already planning next year's trip. After a full 10 days I could write a compleete paper about the trip, so instead I'll give you a summary.

Our team split up into two groups: half of us put on a VBS for the kids and the other half worked on fixing homes. The kids are so full of joy, it's inspiring. I see their living conditions and think no kid in America would live like this and be happy. Yet the children here smile, give thanks, offer to help us.

The housing was a similar story. If you've ever been to Mexico (not the tourist cities), you know what poor living conditions look like. The home we worked on was comparable to a cheap American garage: aluminum roof with holes in it, thin walls with cracks, the door didn't close properly, and essentially no protection from the outside elements so there was dirt everywhere. We patched up the roof, reinforced the walls, put in new glass for the windows, and added a nice thick door with a lock and key. The family was very grateful and we all celebrated with their church on our last day of the trip (which is a story in itself considering a church service lasts all day in Jamaica).