The following applications were written for fun or to learn something new. Some may no longer be maintained.


Patient Arrival Notifiera SaaS product to replace the legacy 'call' buttonThe Harvest Cluba Contact Management System written for a non-profit organizationDicea random dice roller implemented with HTML5 canvasWeddinga website designed for wedding info and RSVPWhat's My IP?displays your ip address and user agent string


Package Phobiafind the cost of adding a new dev dependency to your projectReact TypeScript Boilerplateboilerplate for isomorphic web app with React server-side rendering in TypeScriptMagnemitea screen recorder for websites, powered by Electron - capture repro steps!GeoSlackgeolocate your team in SlackCopeecopy text from browser to clipboard natively with this JS libraryExeggcuteexecute shell commands easily with this node.js library


DirectoryLiba wrapper library for Active Directory (LDAP) authentication in .NET


BasicWarsa two-player, turn-based strategy gameLyricSearchera tool to search all your lyrics at onceGVJavasmall app that sits in the system tray to alert of new texts/voicemail/etcJCryptencrypt your files to hide important informationJMatrixWindows only Matrix screen saverApril Foolsrun this on the morning of April 1st to annoy your victim all day


MovieQuizmy first Android well do you know your movies?Shootmy first Java Applet...a 2D game to improve your mouse clicking accuracyMacZipzip your folders without hidden files (omit nasty .DS_Store, ._meta, etc files)Tic-Tac-Toethe classic game optimized for mobile using jQuery MobileFB Time Machineview your old Facebook posts/links/etc (no longer needed now that timeline exists)Proxyincomplete attempt at a proxy (too slow to run everything through the proxy)ShootJSa port of Shoot Applet using HTML5 + JavaScript to make it mobile friendly