The following applications were written for fun or to learn something new. Some may no longer be maintained.


Your Patient Has Arriveda SaaS product to replace the legacy 'call' buttonarrow_forwardThe Harvest Cluba Contact Management System written for a non-profit organizationarrow_forwardDicea random dice roller implemented with HTML5 canvaschevron_rightWeddinga website designed for wedding info and RSVParrow_forwardWhat's My IP?displays your ip address and user agent stringchevron_right


Package Phobiafind the cost of adding a new dev dependency to your projectarrow_forwardOG Imagegenerate Open Graph images for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etcarrow_forwardReact TypeScript Boilerplateboilerplate for isomorphic web app with React server-side rendering in TypeScriptarrow_forwardMagnemitea screen recorder for websites, powered by Electron - capture repro steps!arrow_forwardGeoSlackgeolocate your team in Slackarrow_forwardCopeecopy text from browser to clipboard natively with this JS libraryarrow_forwardCancel Workflow Actiongithub action to cancel previous running workflows on pusharrow_forwardTLS Checkcheck the TLS protocol support of one or more web serversarrow_forwardExeggcuteexecute shell commands easily with this node.js libraryarrow_forward


DirectoryLiba wrapper library for Active Directory (LDAP) authentication in .NETarrow_forward


BasicWarsa two-player, turn-based strategy gamearrow_forwardLyricSearchera tool to search all your lyrics at oncechevron_rightGVJavasmall app that sits in the system tray to alert of new texts/voicemail/etcchevron_rightJCryptencrypt your files to hide important informationchevron_rightJMatrixWindows only Matrix screen saverchevron_rightApril Foolsrun this on the morning of April 1st to annoy your victim all daychevron_right


MovieQuizmy first Android well do you know your movies?chevron_rightShootmy first Java Applet...a 2D game to improve your mouse clicking accuracychevron_rightMacZipzip your folders without hidden files (omit nasty .DS_Store, ._meta, etc files)chevron_rightTic-Tac-Toethe classic game optimized for mobile using jQuery Mobilechevron_rightFB Time Machineview your old Facebook posts/links/etc (no longer needed now that timeline exists)chevron_rightProxyincomplete attempt at a proxy (too slow to run everything through the proxy)chevron_rightShootJSa port of Shoot Applet using HTML5 + JavaScript to make it mobile friendlychevron_right